• The high school program in Birdville provides a wide range of course options that prepare students for post-high school education or full-time employment. Courses in the four core areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies range from those presented for students at grade level through those being served by college-level courses and honors courses. Languages offered in Birdville's program include Spanish, Spanish for native speakers, Chinese, Latin, French and American Sign Language. The computer science and debate programs have also been especially successful. 

    In athletics, a full range of sports is offered for both boys and girls. The fine arts program is extremely competitive, with courses offered in the areas of art, band, choral music, theatre arts, music theory, and music history and literature. 

    The career and technology education program provides instruction in the technical, practical, and leadership skills needed for entry level and career-sustaining jobs in business and industry. 

    Numerous types of programs are offered in various laboratory or cooperative (on-the-job training) classes as well as in a variety of courses centered upon technology. Students may also enroll in a Tech-Prep graduation plan that allows them to earn college credit at TCC. 

    The district also offers a program in military science to provide the opportunity to explore the military as a career and to participate in competitive rifle and precision drill team competitions.