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  • Open Enrollment is a process through which in-district and out-of-district students may apply to a Birdville ISD campus other than the one they are zoned to attend based on their residential address. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and require approval by the campus principal and an administrator in the Student Services Department.

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    Birdville ISD is accepting Open Enrollment applications for in-district and out-of-district students for the upcoming school year. The following information is intended for, and will be implemented at, all Birdville ISD campuses.

    For the coming school year:

    • A currently enrolled prekindergarten student will be required to return to their home campus for their kindergarten school year.
    • In-district students currently in kindergarten through fifth grade may apply for Open Enrollment at any campus within Birdville ISD.
    • A student who is currently in the sixth grade and applying for Open Enrollment must declare a high school campus to attend for the ninth- through 12th-grade school years on the Open Enrollment application. The student may choose to either:
      • Remain in their current (Open Enrollment) feeder pattern; or
      • Return to their zoned high school campus.
    • Per Birdville ISD Board policy, exceptions are made if:
      • The student currently attends the campus; or
      • The parent is a Birdville ISD employee; or
      • The student has an older sibling who will attend the same campus during the initial Open Enrollment year; and
      • The student meets all eligibility criteria.
    • All grade levels are open to all BISD students at their zoned feeder pattern campus.

Eligibility Criteria and Removal

  • Student Eligibility Criteria

  • Home School, Private School, or Non-Accredited School student eligibility criteria:

  • Campus Criteria

  • Exceptions

  • Potential Reasons For DENIAL

  • Removal of Open Enrollment Students During the School Year

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Application Process Information

  • Open Enrollment Application Process

  • Yearly Procedures

  • Potential Reasons for Revoking an Open Enrollment APPROVAL

  • Movement Into Secondary Schools

  • Transportation

  • UIL Rules for Open Enrollment

  • Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will this cause additional transportation costs?

  • Can I apply for more than one campus while the Open Enrollment application is available?

  • Do I have to apply every year?

  • Will speaking to the campus principal increase a student’s chance of being accepted?

  • Why do middle school Open Enrollment students have to select a feeder high school while still in middle school?

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