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    In keeping with our District of Innovation Plan, the goal of Birdville ISD is to ensure that students who graduate from any of our exceptional high schools are able to graduate with a minimum of 12 hours of college credit.  Studies show that students who graduate high school with at least 12 hours of college credit are 50% more likely to complete a bachelor's degree within four years!  One avenue to pursue so they can achieve this, is our Online Dual Credit Program partnered through The University of Texas Arlington. This college credit can be obtained while concurrently enrolled in high school* and as a student at The University of Texas Arlington. 

    Dual Credit (DC) courses satisfy BOTH high school requirements and that of many college/university’s core curriculum. It is understood that students who are successful in challenging college courses while in high school, will be much more successful at the university level. Additionally, by providing our students with DC opportunities, you are ultimately improving your future quality of life by alleviating some of your potential college debt! 

    In addition to lowering college costs and jump-starting one’s college career, the benefits of taking DC courses also include: 

    • Seamless transition from high school to college
    • Greater likelihood of success in subsequent collegiate work
    • Greater likelihood of earning a high school diploma and a college degree
    • Reduced cost of enrolling in higher education courses
    • Opportunity to access college facilities and resources such as tutoring services, computer labs and counseling services
    • Enhances skills required to be successful at the collegiate level such as time management skills, critical thinking skills, study skills and following directions and procedures

    * All students are able to take DC as early as their freshman year, provided they qualify through demonstration of college readiness by passing the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) before registering for any DC course.

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