• Summer School Registration Help


    Have trouble registering your child for summer school?  It may be because you are not linked to your child's account.  See the directions below for how parents/guardians can link to their student's account.  

    You should see the picture below that says Forms Summary:  Pending Forms.  It should have a form entitled 2023 Summer School With a Status that says not yet started,-Click to begin in English.  If you need the directions to be in another language, then you will have the option to click Google Translate to help.   You are not linked to your child's account if you don't see a form to click on.  Learn how to link below.

    This picture shows where you would find a pending form to fill out in Focus, our student information system.

    Parent Portal Registration to Link Parents to Student Accounts

    Follow the steps below to create a Focus Parent Portal Account and link to your current Birdville student. Your email address and created password will be your login information.

    Directions for Current Birdville Students

    See picture examples on the side or follow the directions that are captured in the pictures below:  

    1.  Access the Parent Portal by going to https://birdville.focusschoolsoftware.com/focus/.  Click on the button that says:  I do not have an account registered on the Parent Portal.

    screenshot of accessing the parent portal

    2.  Register using a valid name and email address.  You will need to enter the parent/guardian's first and last name, and a current email address and create a password in the field that appears.
    screenshot of parent information

    3.  Select the option “ I would like to ADD a CHILD who is already enrolled”.

    screenshot of "I would like to ADD a child who is already enrolled."

    4.  Verify your student with their Student Identification and Date of Birth.  You will also need to check the I am not a robot recaptcha.  Click Add Student.

    screenshot of entering in student information

    5.  Once you have added all students, click “I am FINISHED adding students.  Please take me to the Portal” to access your parent portal and complete the retired re-enrollment forms.

    screenshot of clicking "I am finished adding students"  

    Once you have registered, you should see Pending Forms for registration in your parent portal in the forms tab that will show up on the left-hand side of the screen. You can then enroll your student in regular or summer school.

    Parent Portal View - Complete Re-Enrollment Form

    screenshot of parent portal view - complete re-enrollment form