• BISD Exciting Summer Opportunities

    Transportation Information

    Parents may request transportation to summer school, but this request must be approved by the Birdville Transportation Department as meeting certain criteria for bussing.  Your child will only qualify for transportation if you live over 2 miles from the summer school campus or if there is a special circumstance.  If your student has been assigned to a new campus during the school year, then the student must go to the home campus location in your neighborhood to ride the bus. Transportation will be provided from major apartment complexes.  You may request transportation during the summer school registration process in your child's Focus Portal.

    All transportation for summer school is set up on the student's home campus or the closest elementary campus to your home for the school year. Please call your student's school to set up transportation and do not contact the transportation department directly.  If a parent requests transportation during registration, your child should receive information via Focus, email, or a letter from the campus about the bus number, times, and locations.  If you don't receive any information, please contact your current child's teacher or home school's front office. Buses do not make neighborhood stops except in special circumstances, such as if a school is being rebuilt or for special education.   Please note that any new bus assignments or changes to your child's enrollment can affect bus assignments. In these instances, please be prepared to transport your child during their first three (3) days of school.

    Please remember that your child must be at the bus stop at least 7–10 minutes before pick-up. All parents/guardians with students in kindergarten/1st grade must have a signed release form on file in the Transportation Department. This form can be found at your home campus.  All parents/guardians with students in kindergarten must meet their child at the bus stop. These students will not be permitted to exit the bus without a parent/guardian present at arrival unless previously noted in writing to the Transportation Department.  

    If you have changes in transportation for your student during summer school, please call the main office of the summer school. This ensures that we get the correct information to students about how they will be picked up from school.  

    Information About the Parent Portal App

    Birdville Transportation has an app where parents can see the status of when the bus will arrive at its location. The Edulog Parent Portal Lite App will keep you up-to-date on the location of the bus that your child rides.  Guardians need to download and install the app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to your device to get this information or scan the QR code below.  Summer school campuses will provide parents with the summer school code so that they have accurate information. Read the directions below on how to install the app.  

    Edulog Parent Portal Lite QR code.,

    (Edulog Parent Portal Lite:  Up-to-the-minute bus arrival information. Parents empowered!)


    See screenshots and directions below on how to install the bus app.  


    Pictures of how to work the parent portal lite app          

    2nd page of parent portal lite app


    Parent Porta Lite Infographic Instructions:  

    1. Install App:  Find the Edulog Parent Portal Lite app in the Google Play Store or the IOS  App Store and install
    2. Register:  Select sign up at login.  Enter your email. Enter and confirm your password.  Add your first and last name. Tap and sign up.  
    3. Confirm Email: Check your email.  On your email, click on the link to activate your email, and account verification will appear.  
    4. Login: Enter your email and your password and tap login.
    5. Access Location:  Tap allows all the apps to use your location for orienting the map.
    6. No Vehicles:  No vehicles will be listed until you subscribe to a district.  
    7. Subscribe:  Tap on districts in the main menu at the bottom of the app. Then click on subscribe.  
    8. Registration Code:  Enter the code provided by your district then tap OK.  (Code is coming soon!)
    9. Districts:  Tap on your district name (Birdville) to view the bus list.
    10. Follow Buses:  Tap on the slide button to activate each bus.
    11. Where's my bus?: Tap on My Buses on the Main Menu  
    12. Add Alert Zone:  To add an Alert Zone, push the vehicle window up, then tap on Add Alert Zone.    
    13. Add Alert Zone:  Verify the address, give the alert a name, select a period, and adjust the radius with the slide bar.    
    14. Setting:  To adjust your settings, tap on Settings in the main menu.
    15. Change Password:  Select Change Password to change your password.
    16. Notifications:  To enable all notifications, select notifications in the settings.
    17. Enable Notifications:  When selecting Notifications enabled, you will be directed to your device notifications. Select Notification and then allow notifications on your phone.  
    18. Bus Notifications:  Select Bus Notification in Notification Settings and tap on the slide button to enable it.  
    19. Language:  Tap on Language in the notification settings to select your language.  
    20. Updates:  Tap on updates to check for the latest software updates.