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    * JCL Video & Pictures ~ JCL 2018 <3 <3 <3


    *2018 Award Winners:

    Jeremiah Diaz- Roman History Level 3, 5th place

    Isaac Helton- Classical Mottos L1, 1st place

    Hannah Lovas- Male costume (Ixion), 2nd place

    Emily McLain- Roman Life L3, 3rd place

    Beth Potts- Roman Life L4, 3rd place

    Mandy Potts- Roman Life L2, 3rd place 

    Natalie Simmons & Lyncee Smith- Couples costume (Hades & Persephone), 1st place

    Solyn Tidwell- Decathlon L1, 2nd place 

    Rachel Ward- Roman Life L4, 4th place; Female costume (Danaid), 2nd place 


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