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     Mary Gardner

    Algebra 1 Resource and Inclusion
    Haltom High School 
    Voicemail #: 817-547-6354 



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    Louisiana State University

       Bachelor of Science - Commercial Banking


    Walden University

    Masters in Special Education




    Tutoring Schedule:


    Tuesday and Thursday 7 - 7:25am in Room 239 and in the afternoons UPON REQUEST ONLY from 2:45 – 3:15pm.


    Daily Schedule by Period:


    P1 Algebra 1 Room A115 (Co-teach with Mrs. Pruitt)


    P2 Algebra 1 Conference


    P3 Algebra 1 Room A239


    P4 Algebra 1 Room A239


    P5 Algebra 1 Room A239


    P6 Algebra 1 Room A115 (Co-teach with Mrs. Pruitt)

    P7 Algebra 1 Room A115 (Co-teach with Mrs. Pruitt)