• Discretionary (Personal) Leave

    Discretionary (personal) leave is defined as accumulated state personal leave taken at the individual employee’s preference (discretion) for which it is usually possible to set a schedule in advance.

    Discretionary leave shall be taken at the individual employee’s discretion, subject to prior approval by the immediate supervisor. Use of discretionary personal leave shall be considered granted unless the immediate supervisor notifies the employee to the contrary, within a reasonable period of time prior to the anticipated absence. Employees may appeal negative decisions to the appropriate associate superintendent.


    Duration of Leave - Discretionary personal leave may not be taken for more than five consecutive days, except in extenuating circumstances as determined by the immediate supervisor. Any approved discretionary leave of more than five (5) consecutive days must be reported to the Payroll Office.

    Schedule Limitations - Discretionary leave shall not be allowed on the day before a school holiday, the day after a school holiday, days scheduled for end-of-semester or end-of-year exams, days scheduled for TAKS tests, the first or last day of instruction, nor on professional or staff development days, except with prior approval by the immediate supervisor (based on work schedule).
    Please submit your completed form to your immediate supervisor/campus principal prior to requested leave.