• Lunch Expectations:


    11:30-12:00      - 1st Lunch -  6th grade

    12:18 - 12:48  -  2nd Lunch= 7th grade

    1:06 - 1:36    -    3rd Lunch =  8th grade


    Lunchroom procedures:

    This year's lunchroom procedures will reflect safety guidelines and recommendations.   Below are the expectations for lunches at this time, but are subject to change.


    • Students will be expected to follow campus guidelines for cafeteria procedures.
    • Students will be walked to lunch in order to be seated in their assigned seat
    • Students will raise hand if need to get up  
    • Cafeteria tables will have table dividers for social distancing 
    • The cafeteria and small gym will be utilized for lunches in order to maintain social distancing requirements.
    • Students will be dismissed by table to enter serving line 
    • Posted signage and staff will reinforce social distancing and traffic patterns in the cafeteria.
    • NO CELL PHONES use during lunches
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at entrances and exits of the cafeteria.


    Meals for Online Learners:

    • Beginning August 24th online learners have the option of picking up lunch for that day and breakfast for the next day at the school the student is enrolled in.
    • Location: Faculty Parking Lot in Bus Zone
    • Pick up times will be from 11:00 to noon daily.
    • This procedure will continue as long as online learning is available.
    • A parent or guardian will be allowed to pick up meals for their eligible student.  They will need to provide the student ID number.

    The student must be identified by eligibility and be required to pay if reduced or full pay. Child Nutrition will need to confirm student attendance in order to get any federal funding