• Parents are allowed to eat with their child as long as they are on the information system in Skyward.  Parents are only allowed to eat with their child and bring food for their child. Students and parents eat at the parent table, which is at the back of the cafeteria with the sign, "Parent Table".  Below is the schedule of the lunches.


    11:07 -11:37 - 1st Lunch -  6th grade

    11:56 - 12:26 - 2nd Lunch= 7th grade

    12:45 -1:15 - 3rd Lunch =  8th grade


    Lunchroom procedures:

    Our goal is for students to enjoy lunch with their friends with respect for the lunchroom.  In order to provide all students with a positive experience we have established the following lunch procedures:

    Students will enter the lunchroom and be seated at a table of their choice when the tardy bell rings.  Students will listen to any announcements and lunch information during the first 2 minutes of lunch, during this time students will refrain from talking.  Administrators will dismiss students one row at a time to purchase lunch or snacks. Students will raise their hand to get up once they have purchased their lunch.  Trash will be collected during the dismissal process at the end of lunch. The last 5 minutes of lunch students are requested to exit the cafeteria in a quiet orderly fashion.  Administrators will dismiss students by rows based on cleanliness and lack of talking. It is our expectation that the cafeteria is as clean when students leave as when they arrived. Once a row is dismissed students will take their trash and walk out of the cafeteria.