• DRESS CODE—This is different from the elementary dress code


    The following is based on the Secondary Student Code of Conduct and North RIchland Middle School Policies: The district prohibits pictures, emblems, , tattoos, or writing on clothing that is lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene; that depict the occult; that represent gang membership; or that advertise tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance, object, or activity prohibited by law, BISD Board Policy, Student Code of Conduct, or other district rules. The District also prohibits any clothing or grooming that, in the principal’s judgment, may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interfere with normal school operations. Additionally, students in grades PK-12 are expected to adhere to the following standards:



    • Shirts, tops and dresses should be modest and appropriate for school.  
    • The acceptable length for dresses is no higher than five inches above the knee.  
    • Shirts must exceed the waistband by a minimum of 2”.  
    • Prohibited—Oversized T-shirts, Tank tops (straps less than 2 inches), Tank top dresses, Revealing or low cut tops or dresses, Fishnet shirts, See-through clothing (without a shirt underneath), shirts that are Strapless, Backless or Spaghetti-type straps 
    • Undergarments must not be exposed at any time.  
    • Appropriately sized arm holes on sleeveless shirts should be adhered to. 



    • Form-fitting/skin tight pants, such as leggings, jeggings, yoga pants and tights, must be covered with a top reaching no higher than five inches above the knee. 
    • Students may wear shorts and skirts, provided they are neatly hemmed and modest in appearance.  
    • The acceptable length for shorts and skirts is no higher than five inches above the knee.  
    • All shorts are to be worn without holes and not shredded. Pants may not expose the skin above the knee & must be presentable.  
    • No sagging. All pants/shorts must be worn as intended (waist,hips) Oversized clothing shall not be worn to school or to any BISD function. “Bagging or sagging” pants or shorts are strictly prohibited. Belts must be used appropriately. Undergarments must not be exposed at any time.  
    • Lounge, pajama pants or house shoes are not appropriate for school.  
    • Specifically prohibited are: wind shorts, cutoffs of any kind, form-fitting shorts of lycra, spandex or any other similar material. 


    • Hats (of all types) or head coverings (hoodies, scarves, bandanas) are not to be worn or brought to school unless approved by the principal. Unless there is a medical justification, no sunglasses are to be worn in the building.  
    • All students must wear appropriate footwear. Wheeled shoes and house shoes are prohibited.  
    • Heavy chains, spiked jewelry or “grills” are prohibited. Pierced body ornaments must be restricted to the ear and appropriate for school.  
    • Tattoos (permanent or temporary) must be covered & not visible to others while on school grounds or at school activities. This also applies to markers on clothing or on the skin as well. It must be covered.  
    • Full-length outerwear, trench coats or Gothic attire is prohibited.



    • Students may have a backpack carried on their back.  No rolling backpack are allowed. 


    Students shall be given an opportunity to correct a violation of the Dress Code while at school, if possible. If the student refuses to correct the dress code violation they will be subject to discipline according to the Student Code of Conduct. Repeated violations of the dress code or grooming standards shall be considered defiance of authority and may result in more serious disciplinary action, according to the Student Code of Conduct. Enforcement The campus principal, assistant principals and staff members have the authority to enforce the District Dress Code. The campus principal or the principal’s designee shall make the final decision on campus dress and grooming issues.