• 2019-2020 Student Tardy Policy


    To continue with a positive and safe culture climate on campus and promote academics and fine art, we strive for an atmosphere that breeds responsibility.  We want our students striving for excellence which includes campus expectations for being in the classroom. We have adopted a new policy for tardiness to ensure students academic success. 


    10 tardies -  30 minute Saturday detention

    15 tardies -  45 minute Saturday detention

    20 tardies - 1 hour Saturday detention

    25 tardies - 1.5 hours Saturday detention


    Students will be allowed in the school on Saturday promptly at 8:30.  After 8:40 they will no longer be allowed into the building to serve their Saturday school.  Students must bring a book and any assignments they need to complete for school. Students that do not follow instructions will be asked to leave and they will not earn their time.  No headphones/cell phones will be allowed for use. Only 1 Saturday will be designated for Tardies. A student who does not attend Saturday school, could earn lunch detention until the Saturday time is served.  


    Students will not be allowed to attend any after school activities if they have not served their Saturday time. This includes:


    • Attending volleyball, football, basketball or any athletic events
    • Attending theatre, band, choir concerts
    • Attending in school functions such as activity nights and Fall Hall, college field trips, pep rallies, talent shows,  etc.