North Richland Middle School
    4801 Redondo

     North Richland Hills, TX 76180-7989
    817-547-4200   FAX 817-547-4205



    N Richland Middle School

    Principal:  Sherri Gamble

    Assistant Principals: Travis Kidd, Justin Mathews, and Blyth Smith

    Senior High School: Richland High
    Mascot: Falcons
    Colors: Red and White
     falcons logo

    North Richland Middle School

    Birdville Independent School District

    Our Flight Path to Excellence


    Our vision, mission, and beliefs guide the work at North Richland Middle School.  They embody our collective thoughts around how we value, serve and cultivate our students.


    Our Culture

    North Richland Middle School is a student-first community with a foundation of genuine respect and shared ownership in order to build a better today for tomorrow.  We are here to educate, build relationships, and nurture our scholars through a shared vision, continuous improvement, and personal service.  North Richland Middle School is a place where students feel safe, respected, valued, and are held to high expectations for success.


     At NRMS, we will be the difference-makers in our students’ futures.



    North Richland Middle School is committed to building a foundation of excellence in all students by fostering academic, social, and emotional success in order to create their own future.  

    Core Values and Beliefs

    1. We create an environment where students and families feel cared about, valued, welcome, and have a sense of belonging.
    2. We teach students to take risks, to be comfortable with the prospect of failure, to learn from their mistakes, and to not be discouraged by them.
    3. We embrace new challenges as opportunities for growth. 
    4. We build strong relationships to foster social, emotional, and academic growth.  
    5. We treat all students with respect, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or economic status.
    6. We achieve academic potential through a shared culture of good citizenship and the ongoing pursuit of excellence.
    7. We model and teach respect, acceptance, cooperation, empathy, and kindness.
    8. We show excitement and knowledge about the learning process.
    9. We show pride and ownership of our campus.
    10. We are empowered to create unique, memorable, and personal experiences that encourage family involvement and student success.
    11. We own and immediately resolve problems and model self-accountability by being solution-seekers, not problem-finders.