BISD High School Gymnastics
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  • The BISD gymnasts progam philosophy is to engage each individual athlete in such a way that they gain the necessary means for success in all future endeavors by safely exposing them to the fundamentals of gymnastics. To do this, the program will emphasize the safe progression from the most basic skills to intermediate and finally the most advanced skills all the while considering the unique ability and desires of each athlete. The program’s goal is to create successful individuals above successful gymnasts. The program will do this by utilizing the foundational principles of sport, sportsmanship and team building.


    Our goal is for every student to enjoy their athletic experience as a high school gymnast. Additionally, the program also hopes to teach the gymnasts to learn from their success as well as their mistakes. This will allow every gymnast the opportunity to achieve their future goals utilizing the tools they have acquired in the sport of gymnastics.

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