• The Academy at Carrie F. Thomas Elementary


    Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures


    Drop-off Procedure


    • If you plan to enter the school with your child you will need to park in the large parking lot located on the side of the building or in the spaces available on the far left side of the circle drive.
    • Do not park near the curb on the right side of the circle drive as this is a fire lane and it stops the flow of traffic in the mornings.
    • We will have someone in front of the school each day to assist children as they depart from their vehicles.  We want to make sure your child enters the building safely.
    • The building does not open until 7:30 a.m.  If your child arrives before the first bell at 8:00 a.m., he/she will need to go to the designated waiting site.  Any child Kindergarten through 2nd grade will wait in the big gym for the bell to ring.  There are several adults with the children during this time.  Any child 3rd grade through 5th grade will wait in the cafeteria for the bell to ring. There are also several adults in the cafeteria during this time.  If your young child is to eat breakfast, he/she will go to the cafeteria to eat.
    • The tardy bell rings at 8:10 a.m.  Any child who enters the building after 8:10 a.m. is tardy and will need to enter the office to receive a tardy pass.
    • Parents are not allowed past the big blue hallway doors.  This is for the safety of all children and to help each child develop responsibility as he/she follows the classroom morning procedures.


    Pick-up Procedures

    • Children are released from school at 3:25 p.m.
    • Please do not drive around other cars to move up in line or drive into the line and cut in front of someone else’s vehicle. This is extremely dangerous for our children and it is not fair to others who have followed the correct pick-up procedures and waited patiently.
    •  You must have your child’s laminated card visible in your vehicle to pick up your child(ren).  No card = No child pick up from car. *
    • Please do not ask a teacher to visit with you at the car.  This interrupts the flow of traffic and the teacher is responsible for releasing his/her children to the correct vehicle.  You may call the teacher or set up a conference to discuss any concerns.
    • If you want to park and pick up your child, please park in the large parking lot on the side of the building or in one of the parking spaces located on the far left of the circle drive.  The teacher will not release your child to anyone who is not listed on the Emergency Card.
    • If there is a change with regards to who picks up your child, the change must be in written form and delivered to the teacher or we will dismiss the child in their usual manner.


    *Replacement cards and additional cards can be purchased for $1