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    Reopening Plan 2021-22

    BISD is providing face-to-face instruction for the 2021-22 school year.
    The District will have a Temporary Virtual Learning Academy available for grades K-6 for the first two grading periods.
    (Masks are optional in District facilities and at District events.)

    Face-to-FAce Learning Information [see description below image for full details] 

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    Face-to-Face Learning

    • A safe and secure learning environment that is responsive to your child's social and emotional well-being.
    • High quality instruction designed to support your child's personalized needs.
    • Rigorous face-to-face learning that follows a traditional school schedule.



    Birdville ISD
    Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services (RIPICS) Plan 

    UPDATED 6/8/21


    District Procedures


    Mask Wearing

    Optional beginning 6/1/21 - adopted by BISD board on 5/7/21

    Social Distancing

    Social distancing in classrooms and office spaces will resume to pre-COVID standards

    Handwashing & respiratory etiquette

    Hand sanitizing stations have been placed in all facilities. Students, staff members and visitors will be encouraged to sanitize and/or wash their hands frequently.
    Students will be encouraged to wash hands after using the restroom and before eating.
    Handwashing techniques will be taught by the classroom teacher on the first day of school and reinforced throughout the school year. 
    Respiratory etiquette will be encouraged.

    Facility Cleaning

    Upgraded cleaning procedures will continue throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

    Contact tracing

    Contact tracing will discontinue 6/7/21

    Health Screening

    All staff members entering a school campus must self-screen for symptoms of illness each day. When staff members report to work, they are acknowledging they have taken their temperature and are not experiencing symptoms of illness, not normal for them.  Parents/guardians must ensure when sending their child to school on campus, the child is free from symptoms of illness, not normal for them. If symptoms are present, the parent/guardian should contact the campus nurse for further guidance on return to school.

    Instructional delivery

    Face-to-face for all students beginning 8/18/21

    Counseling/Social Emotional Services

    Face-to-face for all students beginning 8/18/21


    Face-to-face for all students beginning 8/18/21

    **Birdville ISD will resume in person services on 6/1/21.  Students will begin the fall semester on 8/18/21.

    All instruction, social-emotional support and meal service will be provided in a face-to-face setting - unless students attend TVLA.  Please see TVLA site for more information.


    For updated COVID procedures click here.