Family Engagement Plan

PK Family Engagement Plan
  • Prekindergarten Family Engagement Plan

    • We will host two family engagement events a year. Community resources such as non-profit dental care, low cost vaccinations, free reading materials and others will be included in these events.
    • PK registration will include translators for Spanish, French, Arabic and ASL. Information from Clothes Connection and other resources for families will be provided to PK registrants.
    • Teachers will use our take home literacy kits with families to support academic growth. These kits contain two read aloud books and two folder games, or a STEM activity.
    • Classroom libraries include bilingual books in Vietnamese, French, Arabic and Spanish that can be checked out by families or included in the take home kits.
    • The PK Family engagement library contains books for children and families about relevant topics to families of young children. Books are available for checkout through PK teachers.
    • Increasing Family Engagement will be a component of Birdville ISD’s professional learning for PK teachers.
    • Ready Rosie will be offered to all families in Birdville ISD with children from birth to aged 8.