• Family Engagement Plan

    Prekindergarten Family Engagement Plan

    Goal 1: Facilitate family to family support and provide a welcoming environment to all families.

    Birdville ISD Early childhood educators will encourage families to participate in district, program, and campus initiatives such as:

    • Campus-based family events
    • Prekindergarten events such as Prek Night and Big Wheels, Big Dreams
    • Free/reduced breakfast/lunch program for State-Based Prekindergarten Students
    • Free Summer Dining Program
    • Adult ESL classes


    • Collaborate with Multilingual Services, Communications, Title I, Child Nutrition and campuses
    • Provide events that are fun, purposeful and provide meaningful ways for families, students and staff to interact.

    Goal 2: Establish a network of community resources

    Birdville ISD Early Childhood Education will partner with community organizations to create a network of resources that will enrich local families such as:

    • PTA Clothes Connection
    • Community Enrichment Center
    • One Safe Place
    • Cook Children's Psychology- Hurst
    • Center for Counseling and Family Relationships
    • MHMR
    • Little Love Counseling
    • Empathy HQ

    Goal 3: Increase family participation in decision-making.

    Birdville ISD Early Childhood Educators will empower families to take an active role in their child's education.


    • Family Conferences
    • Provide families with CIRCLE assessment results at MOY and EOY
    • Weekly family newsletters
    • Include parents in ARD and LPAC meetings

    Goal 4: Equip families with tools to support their children as they learn and grow.

    Birdville ISD Early Childhood Educators will equip families with tools to support their children as they learn and grow.


    • Provide weekly take-home literacy packs
    • Weekly Family newsletters
    • Family CIRCLE task cards

    Goal 5: Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children's learning benchmarks.

    Birdville ISD Early Childhood Educators will take part in professional learning that increases their skill in supporting families.


    • District PD days
    • Early Childhood Chats
    • Conscious Discipline training

    Goal 6: Evaluate Family Engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement.


    • TEA High Quality Prekindergarten Self Assessment Rubric
    • Parent Surveys and Feedback.

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