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     BISD’s prekindergarten program provides a foundation for our youngest students. Instruction is based upon the academic, social, and emotional needs of students. Our mission is to provide our youngest students with a strong educational foundation based on a curriculum aligned to Prekindergarten Guidelines, instruction based on best practices, and an assessment system that relies on data to make informed decisions beneficial to the needs of early learners.

    The prekindergarten program in BISD currently serves students in three and four-year old Prekindergarten.

    CHANGES FOR 2020-2021

    With the addition of state mandated full-day Prekindergarten for four-year-olds, beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, Birdville ISD will no longer provide Prekindergarten for three-year-olds. This three-year-old program is being closed to make room for the new full-day program for four-year-olds at select campuses in 2020-21. Other campuses will continue to have half-day Prekindergarten for four-year-olds until 2022-23.


    The following campuses will be hosting full-day Prekindergarten:

    • 101- Birdville Elementary
    • 103- WT Francisco Elementary
    • 104- Jack Binion Elementary
    • 107- Smithfield Elementary
    • 109- Major Cheney Elementary
    • 110- OH Stowe Elementary
    • 112- Holiday Heights Elementary
    • 116- Academy Carrie F. Thomas Elementary
    • 117- Foster Village Elementary
    • 118- North Ridge Elementary

    The following campuses will be hosting half-day PreK:

    • 102- David E. Smith Elementary
    • 105- Alliene Mullendore
    • 106- Richland Elementary
    • 111- West Birdville Elementary
    • 113- Watauga Elementary
    • 114- Grace Hardeman Elementary
    • 115- W.A. Porter Elementary
    • 119- John D. Spicer Elementary


    Inquiries about registration should be directed to the office of the Executive Director of Elementary Education

    Tonia Pickett

    Administrative Assistant




    Dawn Fielder

    Early Childhood, Family Engagement, and Extended School Day Programs Coordinator

     817 547 5680

    Teressa Kinsey

    Prekindergarten Program Administrative Assistant


    817 547-5750