• Autism Services 

    Birdville Independent School District serves over 200 students who meet eligibility as a student with autism spectrum disorder. These students are enrolled throughout the district in many different settings. Education Plans are individualized to the needs of each student.
    Autism Evaluations

    BISD was one of the first districts in the state to implement the autism team approach to the evaluation process. Our team members consist of the following:

    • a school psychologist
    • speech pathologist
    • educational diagnostician
    • a classroom educator
    • the student's parent

    The school team members have special training in the assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. The evaluations are scheduled with the parents. Classroom observations, teacher interviews, and any outside reports are important information that the team reviews during the evaluation process.

    For the following services or additional information:

    Autism Evaluations:  Diagnostition at your local campus

    Birdville ISD Campus List

    In Home and Parent Training: Sarah Germany, PhD

    817-547-53712 or E-mail Sarah Germany PhD

    Extended School Year (ESY) services:  Cheryl Burch, Special Education Coordinator

    817-547-3713 or E-mail Cheryl Burch