• Acceptable Verification Documents

    Required Documentation: Documents considered acceptable

    Birth Certificate: Certified Birth Certificate, Passport, Military ID or Adoption Records

    Social Security Card: Social Security Card, if available

    Current Immunization Record: all immunizations must be up-to-date by BISD Board Policy standards. Contact your school nurse or check the BISD Health Services website

    Current Proof of Residence: utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage payment, homeowners insurance.

    Families need one of the following

    Economically Disadvantaged:current paycheck stub, SNAP letter, Medicaid or CHIP letter/card, last year’s tax return (only if self employed)

    Acceptable documentation of cash income: letter from employer stating wages paid and frequency.

    Limited English Language Speaker:  Home language survey (provided at registration)

    Important: Child must be present to determine English language  proficiency

    Homeless: McKinney Vento Form (provided at registration)

    Active Military Parent:

    • Department of Defense (DoD) photo identification for children of active duty service members,
    • A copy of the “Statement of Service” from the Installation Adjutant General (AG) Director of Human Resources,
    • A copy of the Death Certificate using the service appropriate Department of Defense form, or a Department of Defense form that indicates death as the reason for the separation from the service for children of service members who died or were killed,
    • A copy of the Purple Heart orders or citation for children of service members or mobilized reservists/guardsmen who were wounded or injured in combat;
    • or A copy of the Line of Duty Determination documentation

    Conservatorship of Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS): A copy of documents from the Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS) indicating that the student is currently or formerly placed in their conservatorship following an adversary hearing under Family Code 262.201