• BISD Middle School Team Expectations 
    All gymnasts are expected to…

    ·        Be at work out every day.

    ·      Tutorials should be done in the afternoon.

    ·       Dr. Appointments should not be made during workout.

    ·        Maintain a positive attitude both in action & speech.

    ·        Maintain a good work ethic in the gym and outside the gym.

    ·        Be suited out and ready to work by 6:45am. Gym doors will open at 6:30am

    ·        Have on proper workout attire.

    ·        Sign in for any treatment needed & have all treatment/rehab completed by 6:45am.

    ·        Ride the bus from the Shannon Center to your home campus.

    ·        Follow all bus rules.

    ·        Maintain a passing average in ALL classes.

    ·        Maintain appropriate behavior on ALL social media, this includes pictures, language used, and content.

     Meet expectations

    All gymnasts are expected to…

    ·        Participate in all meets you are eligible for.

    ·        Be at ALL home meets regardless of eligibility.

    ·        Arrive at the gym by designated time.

    ·        Ride the bus to and from any away meets.

    ·        Keep phones in lockers during competition (in stands at away meets).

    ·        Maintain a positive attitude and be encouraging to all athletes.

    ·        Stay with your team.

    ·        Notify your coach at least 1 week in advance should you be unable to compete in a meet.

     The inability to follow any of the above expectations is grounds for disciplinary action and could result in removal from the team.