• Copyright

    Teachers have more liberty with copyright than the general public due to the Fair Use Act. However, this doesn't allow for complete disregard of it. 

    Basic Guidelines

    - Any movie you show must be tied back to your curriculum. We do not have a public performance license.


    -Remember, if you use the movie to teach, you are good!  It doesn’t have to be an educational movie. i.e.One year, I used parts of Rocky to teach writing concepts.


    - You may not show movies for pure reward, but you may show movies if you can relate them to your curriculum with discussion or activity. If you need help with this, let me know!


     -Some have been worried about playing Disney. As long as you use it to teach, you are good!


    -There are lots of circumstances where you can make copies of books or other materials. If ever a question, just ask!


    - For the most part, you may not make copies of whole works. i.e. whole books (although there are even exceptions to this)


    - You may not alter a work. i.e. Edit a movie to take apart out (You may play only selections though.)



    Need more help?

    - Ask your friendly school librarian, Mrs. Roe!