• We offer the opportunity for WMS students from ALL grade levels to assume and fulfill leadership roles on a campus-wide level. 
    StuCo members' responsibilities include: 
    •  Coordinating and planning "Red Ribbon" week and all related activities.
    • Organization of the WMS annual "Holiday Canned Food Drive".
    • Sponsorship and production of the WMS "Student AND Faculty Talent Shows".
    • In addition, Student Council is ALWAYS striving for new and innovative ways to improve the quality and well being of ALL involved with the everyday success of Watauga Middle School.

    New members are ALWAYS welcome, for further info contact Mr. Eidson or Ms. Levingston

    Lead Sponsor: Wesley Eidson

    Coordinating Sponsors:  Heather Levingston and Jonathan Sullivan

    Phone:     817-547-4800