Student-Athletes will report directly to the locker room at 7:00 AM every day until further notice.


    ALL Athletes need the following items:

    1. Physical (link below, to be completed by physician)
    2. Rankone online paperwork completed (link below)
    3. $25.00 for Athletics Fee
    4. Football Cleats
    5. Compression Shorts
    6. Combination Lock
    Physical Forms:
    Rank One Paperwork:
    2017-2018 School Year Football Schedules:
    Football Coaches:
    Athletic Coordinator/Head Coach:  Justin Bates
    Football Coaches
    8th Grade A-Team:  Justin Bates   justin.bates@birdvilleschools.net
    8th Grade B-Team:  Rendon Ellis   rendon.ellis@birdvilleschools.net
    7th Grade A-Team:  Clay Walls    clay.walls@birdvilleschools.net
    7th Grade B-Team:  Jared Gibson  jared.gibson@birdvilleschools.net 
     Basketball Coaches:
    7th Grade A-Team:  Rendon Ellis  rendon.ellis@birdvilleschools.net
    8th Grade B-Team:  Clay Walls  clay.walls@birdvilleschools.net
    8th Grade A-Team:  Jared Gibson   jared.gibson@birdvilleschools.net 
    7th Grade B-Team:  Justin Bates  justin.bates@birdvilleschools.net
    Track Coaches:
    Sprinters -- Clay Walls, Rendon Ellis
    Mid-distance -- Justin Bates
    Long distance -- Jared Gibson
    Hurdles -- Jessica Dilley
    Throwers -- Justin Bates
    Long/Triple Jump -- Rendon Ellis
    High Jump -- Jared Gibson
    Pole Vault -- Clay Walls
    Coaches Office: 817-547-4852 
    ***The best way to contact any coach is by email.  Our phones do not ring during the school day so you'll be leaving a message.  If you need to speak with us, send us an email to call you with your phone number included.  ***