• Texas Star Reading Program

    What is is?
    The Texas Star Reading Program is a reading incentive program designed for middle school students in Birdville ISD. The list has been carefully selected by BISD middle school librarians from state reading lists for students in grades 6-8 and award-winning and highly reviewed titles. We encourage self-selection, allowing students to choose books on the list which interest them. Students that read 10 books by the first of April will be allowed to attend the Texas Star Celebration!
    What all is theTexas Star Celebration?
    • A catered lunch at off campus venue during school
    • Dessert - Did I mention cake?
    • A chance to hear a Texas Star author 
    • A free autographed copy of a book
    • A chance to meet the author in person or even sit at his or her table for those who read 18 books
    What do I need to do to go?
    • Read 10 of the books on the current list.
    • Fill out a book review form for each book either on paper or online (click the link on the left.)

    How many books do I need to read each month?

    • You have 8 months -
      • 3 books a month = 21 books
      • 2 books a month = 114 books
      • 1.5 books a month = 10.5 books