Title I Questions & Answers

  • Title I – Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    How does my school district receive Title I dollars? 
    Title I funds are targeted to the districts, schools and students with the “greatest need.”  Funds flow to school districts through a formula based on the most recent Census count of poverty families residing in the state and in the district.  Once the funds are sent to a district, funds flow from the district to campuses within that district that have the highest poverty rate, based on free and reduced lunch counts. 

    Title I schools have higher than the district’s average of poverty students. Intended beneficiaries of Title I services are students who are academically disadvantaged, not necessarily economically disadvantaged. Texas receives well over a billion dollars every year to fund Title I programs.
    What services does Title I provide?
    Title I funds generally are used to improve academic achievement in reading and math. Title I funds are flexible, and can be used to provide professional development for teachers; support hiring additional teachers and classroom aides; improve curriculum; enhance parent involvement; extend learning time for students who need extra help; and provide other activities that are tied to raising student achievement.
    What does the term "Title I schoolwide program" mean?
    A school that receives Title I funds and has a student enrollment in which 40% or more of the students are low-income, is eligible to operate a "schoolwide program." Schoolwide programs require the campus improvement plan to provide strategies to improve the academic achievement of all students in the school using Title I resources. 

    Schoolwide is the inclusion model for Title I services.  On a schoolwide campus, all students are Title I students and all teachers are Title I teachers.
    How does Title I funding break down by grade level?
    Of the 11 million Title I students in the United States, about two-thirds are enrolled in grades preK-6, with one-third in grades 7-12. Title I serves well over 250,000 preschool children in the nation.
    What about children with disabilities?
    Children with disabilities are eligible for Title I services if the school and the student meets the Title I eligibility criteria. Title I services well over one million students with disabilities in the United States.
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