National Junior Honor Society
    **Sponsors: Mr. Kirspel 
    Purposes of NJHS:
    1.  To create enthusiasm for scholarship
    2.  To stimulate a desire to render service
    3.  To promote leadership
    4.  To develop character
    5.  To encourage citizenship
    Expectations of NJHS:
    1.  Maintain the required average in core classes, and no conduct grade below
    2.  Attend meetings.  If members are unable to attend, it is their responsibility to check
         with the secretary (student officer) to see what was missed.
    3.  Perform 10 hours of community service each semester.
    4.  Extend in yourself, and promote in others, the qualities that earned your selection:
         ** Character: combination of attitudes regarding scholarship, citizenship, service, and
         ** Service:  giving of yourself for the good of others.
         ** Leadership:  must come from unselfish motives; requires the ability to complete a
         ** Scholarship:  the power that eliminates ignorance.
         ** Citizenship:  unselfishly striving for the common good of all.
    Any member who falls below the standards stated above will be placed on probation.  Probation will last one full grading period.  If any NJHS activities (field trips, fund raisers, etc.) occur during a member's probation period, the member may not participate in those activities.  If, during the next regular marking period, the member fails to meet these standards, then membership may be terminated.
    At the end of each grading period, all members should bring their report card by Mr. Kirspel's room for grade/conduct verification.  This should be done within ONE week of receiving report cards. 
    Community Service:
    At the end of each semester, community service cards need to be turned in to Mr. Kirspel.  Please listen to announcements for the due date.
    Click the link below to access blank community service records:
    **Note:  Membership in National Junior Honor Society does NOT guarantee membership into National
                  Honor Society at the high school level.