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    In order to enforce our COVID 19 protocols we are asking for donations of the following items.
    1. 7 oz. gatorade cups to be used once then thrown away at games during time outs and other stoppage of play when individual water jugs are not possible to get to.
    2. Tide pods (HE compatible) for laundry so we can wash jerseys after each game.

    These items can be dropped off at the front office. Thank you very much for your support as we try our best to keep everyone safe and health.


    cups pods








    SMS Raider Athletics is a place of positive ecouragement, excellent coaching and an atmosphere where the safety, mental and physical well-being and improvement of the whole athlete is paramount! 



    Masks or other face coverings as well as individual water jugs will be required for all (boys and girls athletes this year. We have added these items to the team store.  You are not required to buy from here, but you are required to have both items before being aloud to practice each day. Click on the link below to access these items.


    More Athletic Gear 



    All Boys Athletics will use SportsYou app this year instead of remind 101 for notifications.  Directions on how to join are below.  You will need to download the app on your phone:

    Click Here


    Click on Link Below to access the Summer/Fall at home work-out!!


    Raider Home Work-Out



    We are excitied about the opportuity to coach your child.  We realize that it is a priviledge that you have chosen SMS Athletics!


    The tabs on the right side of the page will provide you with information concerning the athletic program.

    Please contact any coach if you have questions.


    The athletic staff encourages all athletes to participate in any and all sports at the middle school level.


    We have 5 sports to chose from:

    Volleyball (girls) Head Coach danielle.lawson@birdvilleschools.net

    Football (boys) Head Coach mark.bird@birdvilleschools.net

    Basketball (boys and girls)

    Girls Head Coach crystal.trussell@birdvilleschools.net

    Boys Head Coach jeremy.fickle@birdvilleschools.net

    Cross Country (boys and girls)

    Girls Head Coach reagan.sanders@birdvilleschools.net

    Boys Head Coach zachary.dierks@birdvilleschools.net

    Track (boys and girls)

    Girls Head Coach brooke.hubbard@birdvilleschools.net

      Boys Head Coach cody.holbrook@birdvilleschools.net



Last Modified on September 4, 2020