• Blast Off header Birdville ISD Elementary Online Summer Reading Program
    Blast Off Summer Reading with Kids A-Z


    1. Every PreK through Fifth-grade student will have access to online books throughout the Summer
    2. Reduce the slip of reading skills over the months that students are not in school. 

    Description of Program - BLAST Off Summer Reading with Kids A-Z Program: 
    Every student PreK through Fifth-grade will have access to their online Raz-Kids Account.

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    Log In for Raz-Kids

    Your child’s Raz- Kids login will be sent in a letter from the school in May. The online account will be open during the summer for students to access books on their reading level. Incentives will be awarded to the top three Birdville students who read the most books over the summer. The program will start June 8th and conclude on August 3rd.

    Prize Incentives:

    • What students can earn:

      • 1st prize —Kindle Fire with a Headset
      • 2nd prize – Kindle Fire with a Headset

      * Program Starts June 8th.

      * Conclusion of Summer Reading – August 3rd.

      * Winners announced and posted the week of August 17th.

    Learn About Summer Slide 

Learning A-Z Summer Slide

Learning A-Z Summer Slide Spanish