Technology Operations

Network Operations

  • Network Operations is responsible for designing, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining the district's network, ensuring its optimal performance and providing ongoing support for the district's internet, content-filtering, firewall, VPN, wireless and digital media solutions (DMS). 

Server Operations

  • Server Operations is responsible for all of the district's physical and virtual servers, including full maintenance and support for the on premise data center and disaster recovery site. Server Operations maintains security permissions/access, installing applications on servers and manages systems that require server-based deployment and management, such as antivirus, data backups, software deployments, e-mail services and SPAM filtering.

Telecommunications Operations

  • Telecommunication Operations is responsible for the telephone services that run over the district's network (VoIP), as well as analog plain old telephone system (POTS) lines. The district relies on a wide variety of telecommunication technology, including such services as video telephony and voicemail services. Telecommunications Operations also maintains the district's cable plant, legacy media retrieval systems, PA systems, bell schedules and project management for technology requirements during renovations and for the construction of new facilities.

Security Operations

  • Security Operations is responsible for district-wide digital security, including video surveillance and digital door/badge access. Security Operations also maintains select facility burglar/intrusion alarms.