• Telecommunication Operations

     Tel OPS
    Birdville ISD Telecommunication Operations is currently managed by
    Darrell Maxey

    Telecommunication Operations is responsible for the telephone services that run over the district's network (VoIP), as well as analog plain old telephone system (POTS) lines. The district relies on a wide variety of telecommunication technology, including such services as video telephony and voicemail services. Telecommunications Operations also maintains the district's cable plant, legacy media retrieval systems, PA systems, bell schedules and project management for technology requirements during renovations and for the construction of new facilities.  Telecommunication Operations is currently responsible for these targeted areas:

    • Manages New and Renovation Projects as it Applies to the District's Technology Needs
    • Tracks and Maintains Department Budgetary Codes Needs That Apply Directly to the Responsibilities of Telecommunication Operations
    • Repairs and Maintain all of the District's Voice and Data Communications Equipment
    • Supports and Maintains the Following; Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Unity Voicemail, and Cistera Networks for Paging and Bell Clocking
    • Supports the new Exchange Unified Messaging system (Live Aug 2013)
    • Support and Maintain District's Media Retrieval Systems, Both Legacy and Current Systems
    • Maintains District's Cisco IP Phone Systems and Computer Networks
    • Performs System Analysis of All Communications Requirements, Involving Design, Installation and Maintenance of Telecommunications
    • Repairs and Maintains All District Paging and Bell Clocking Systems
    • Performs Microcomputer Repair and Installation as Needed
    • Installs and Repairs Cabling, Cable Boxes and Connectors on All Equipment, and Wide Area Networks
    • Maintains an Inventory of All Communications Equipment, Hardware and Software
    • Identifies the Computer Repair Tools and Facilities Needed for Repair Support
    • Performs Related Duties as Required

    Tel OPS