Elementary Art

  • Birdville ISD currently provides elementary art through a talented team of educational aides that travel to 18 elementary schools on a rotational basis. Each student receives approximately 11 art lessons a year.   The Rotational Calendar is below.

    Birdville Elementary School employees a full-time art instructor as part of its initiative as a fine arts school of specialization.  Visual Art Teacher - Amy Ballard



    Inspiring excellence through visual arts

    We achieve this by teaching students to imagine, aspire, and dream.

    *We believe art benefits all students

    *We believe that art is a fundamental practice to thinking creatively.

    *We believe that creativity leads to improved academic success.

    *We believe that participating in the arts builds student confidence.

    *We believe art strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills.

    Art helps students become creatively unique individuals.

Elementary Slideshows

  • Birdville Elementary Art Show 2022

    Link opens slideshow featuring artworks from Birdville Elementary - School of Fine Arts created by Amy Ballard 



    Links below open slideshows featuring artworks from our 19 elementary school campuses- Created by Theresa Hampton

    Elementary Art Show May 2022

    Elementary Artwork 2022-2023