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  • For our Private Lesson Teachers and Students


    As we prepare to start the school year virtually on August 24th and welcome students into our buildings on September 8th, we are doing everything possible to implement protocols that will keep students and those working with them safe.

    Until we can ensure that in-person safety protocols are working, private lesson instruction will need to be in virtual format.  As always, we strongly promote participation in private lesson instruction and understand that synchronous lessons through tools like Zoom are effective.  We anticipate allowing students who choose in-person learning to be able to have their virtual lesson during their class period.  We will continue to explore other possibilities that may work as well and implement if feasible.

    We look forward to returning to traditional lessons on campus as soon as possible.  We thank our private lesson instructors for sharing their talents and partnering with us to help in our Birdville students' musical success.