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    Environmental Awareness

    As our environment consistently changes, it is important for children to understand the importance of taking care of their surroundings. We all play a great role in communicating to our children the benefits of protecting our world’s natural resources for our CommYOUnity.
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    Recycling Tips



    Recycling newspapers

    15 Uses for old newspapers

    1. Donate newspapers to the animal shelter. They use them for bedding in the crates.
    2. Use newspaper instead of Styrofoam for packing material for mailing packages.
    3. Place sheets of newspapers in the fruit and vegetable bins in your refrigerator. The paper will catch messes from rotted produce and keep the bin free of odors.
    4. Put a few pages of newspaper in the bottom of unused, closed coolers and lunch boxes. No smell or mold.
    5. Use to dry and polish windows after washing.
    6. Spread out between garden rows to discourage weeds.
    7. Use newspaper to cover plants during a frost.
    8. Use to wrap green tomatoes to ripen them.
    9. Use as a kneepad when gardening.
    10. Shred newspapers and stuff in vases to help support fresh flowers.
    11. Stuff in wet shoes overnight to dry and deodorize.
    12. Stuff hats and purses to keep their shape.
    13. Protect table when children are painting or gluing.
    14. Shred colored comic pages and use in gift bags. (Bags also recycled)
    15. Wrap garbage in newspapers instead of plastic bags.