• Healthy Lifestyles

    Research has shown that healthy students are more prepared to learn and realize greater success in the classroom. PTA is committed to creating a healthy environment for children by establishing a network of Healthy Lifestyles Chairs across the state, and then connecting those PTA leaders with community and state resources to support their efforts. Together, we can create FitKids and FitFamilies that are happy, healthy and ready to learn!

    Benefits of Establishing a Healthy Lifestyles Chair

    • Relevance and awareness for healthy lifestyles
    • Authority to work on health and wellness issues
    • Accessibility to school board/administrators, principals, students, parents, community
    • Contact person for health and wellness information, resources, requirements
    • Recruitment opportunities for new members/new leaders with wellness focus
    • Assistance in communication/implementation of wellness policy
    • Collaboration with campus administration, food service, parents, and staff on health and wellness goals

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