Birdville ISD Graduation Endorsements

  • Graduation Information

    To meet BISD graduation requirements, a student must complete:

    • English (4 credits)
      English I, II, and III, and an Advanced English course

    • Math (4 credits)
      Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II , and an Advanced Math course required for endorsement

    • Science (4 credits)
      Biology (IPC, Chemistry, Physics or Principles of Technology) and 2 Advanced

    • Science courses

    • Social Studies (3 credits)
      US History, US Gov’t/Economics, and World Geography or World History

    • Languages Other than English (2 credits)
    • Physical Ed. (1 credit)
    • Fine Arts (1 credit)
    • Health (.5 credit)
    • Professional Communications (Speech) (.5 credit)
    • Technology (.5 credit)
    • Endorsement Coursework / Electives (5.5 credits)

      26 Credits Total

    Birdville ISD believes it is vital for students to have every opportunity to excel academically through rigorous and challenging courses. Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre –AP), Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and Dual Credit courses offer options to excel in many areas of study.

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    It is the responsibility of each college-bound student to research admission requirements, as each college’s requirements may differ.

Birdville ISD Endorsements

  • Multidisciplinary Studies

  • Arts & Humanities

  • Public Services

  • Business & Industry

  • STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

High School Academic Plans

  • Birdville Independent School District, parents, teachers and our community are heavily invested in the success of all BISD students. Whether a student’s goal after graduating from high school is to go on to college, technical school, the military or begin a career, BISD has implemented plans that specifically benefit the choices students make and these plans begin in the sixth grade.

    BISD middle schools have a variety of options for students to explore in the areas of fine arts, technology, performing arts and foreign languages. Building on these experiences, students are able to make an informed choice in selecting courses they will take in high school.

    The State of Texas funds numerous programs to better educate and enhance hands-on learning in the classroom, workplace, and laboratory environments. The following pages provide sample plans from which students may base their high school class choices.

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