Credits and Grade Points Towards GPA

  • Teachers report grades numerically in electronic grade books, on report cards and on the cumulative folders. Teachers evaluate student academic performance in grades 6-12. Upon early indication of a student’s unsatisfactory performance, parents should be notified of the student’s deficiency.

    Report cards are issued to parents each six weeks. Semester grades are computed as follows:


    Multiply each six week’s grade by 2

    Add the semester final

    Divide by 7


    Math 89, 90, 87 x 2= 532

    Semester final 90 + 532= 622

    622/7 = 89 semester grade

    Students in grades 9-12 will receive credits and grade points by semester average. Each semester of satisfactorily completed work will count as a 1/2 unit, except in career and technology education work-based learning programs in which a greater credit is granted, and in extended Algebra I-IV (see course description for guidelines). These units are recorded on report cards, permanent record cards, and cumulative folders by semester. Each semester of work failed (below 70) in a required course must be repeated.

    An adequate number of grades must be taken to evaluate the student fairly. A semester exam will be administered as part of each semester grade. Students may be eligible for semester examination exemptions as described in the student handbook. All high schools will administer a written semester examination in every course offered in the curriculum except as provided by the exemption policy.

    A student’s grade in academic areas will not be altered because of his or her behavior. Behavior will be marked under Citizenship on the grade report form. The following symbols will be used to reflect citizenship:

    • E = Excellent
    • S = Satisfactory
    • = Needs Improvement
    • U = Unsatisfactory

    The secondary student’s citizenship or conduct grade will be based on the following:

    1. acceptance of responsibility
    2. courtesy of speech and manners
    3. dependability
    4. respect for the rights of others
    5. promptness
    6. care of property
    7. good use of time
    8. following directions
    9. observation of rules
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