• Enrollment

    Welcome to Birdville Independent School District. A student enrolling in the district for the first time must be accompanied by primary family members and must provide satisfactory evidence of required documents. With online registration, primary family members can complete the required registration prior to enrolling their child in their school's zoned campus. To access online registration, you must have a Family Access login*. If you do not have a Family Access login, please contact your child’s campus. It is important to check, and whenever necessary, update the primary e-mail address in Family Access. * Members of the student’s primary family only (as currently identified in the district’s student information system and on the student enrollment form on file at the school).

    Classification by Credit

    Students are classified according to the number of credits they have earned. Required classification credits are listed below:

    • SOPHOMORE (10th) 6 credits
    • JUNIOR (11th) 12 credits
    • SENIOR (12th) 19 credits

    Reclassifications are made only at the beginning of each school year, with the exception of a student who attends Shannon High School.

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