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    Manufacturing is making things. Raw materials become projects such as cars, computer chips, cell phones, contact lenses, cosmetics, couches, clothes, candy, and more. Employees who create these projects range from production- line workers in factories assembling parts to executives in skyscrapers overseeing global operations. Repetitive tasks that typically occur in manufacturing are being performed by robots and the automation process, which requires highly trained employees that can adapt to a variety of situations. Manufacturing today needs people who can understand highly technical information and make complex decisions. Workers are responsible for creative problem solving that ensures companies meet the highest quality standards. If you like building things, can follow detailed instructions, are goodwith your hands, and are good at organizing people and processes, manufacturing could be the right career cluster choice for you.

Programs of Study

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Machinery Mechanics


    General/Operations Manager, Electromechanical Technician, Industrial Engineering Technician, Avionics Technician, Electric Motor, Power Tool, and Related repair, First Line Supervisor of Production and Operations Workers, Numerical Tool & Process Control Programmer, Welder, Cutter, Solderer, Maintenance Repair Worker, Packaging and Filling Operator and Tender, General Industrial Maintenance/Repair.