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    Texas is at the heart of the information technology revolution. Our state is home to world-class high-tech companies such as Texas Instruments, Dell, and Advanced Microsystems. Countless smaller firms create computer games, set up custom networks, service computer equipment, or develop and manage websites. In fact, every business in Texas needs IT expertise, either from in-house staff or from outside vendors. Keeping electronic data flowing takes both technical expertise and problem-solving savvy. If you are good at grasping how technology works, have an idea for a new website or computer game, or want a career that is always changing, then Information Technology may be the right cluster for you.

Programs of Study

  • Information Technology Support and Services

  • Networking Systems


    Information support and Services, Network Systems, Programming, Web and Digital Media, Database Administrator, Web Developer, Computer Systems Engineer, Network and Computer Systems Administrator, Geographer, Multimedia Artist/Animator, Data Communications Analyst.

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