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    The Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Cluster is perfect for the individual that would like to protect and serve the public. Many media outlets have dramatized this career as one that is full of danger and excitement. Although these types of situations occur on occasion, most individuals involved in this area crave peace and quiet. As homeland security has become more of a concern, demand for people to protect sites such as skyscrapers, seaports, airports, reservoirs, nuclear power plants, and military bases skyrocketed. Ultimately, courses in this career cluster prepare you to keep people and property safe. If you have a calling to serve others, can keep a cool head under pressure, and love the law, then a career in Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security might be the right decision for you.

Programs of Study

  • Emergency Services

  • Law Enforcement

  • Legal Studies


    Detective/Criminal Investigator, Police/Sheriff's Patrol Officer, Security Officer, Homeland Security Officer, Firefighter, Private Detectives/Investigators, Texas Ranger, Forensic Crime Investigator, Narcotics Officer, Game Warden, Correctional Officer/Jailer, Transit/Railroad Police


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