Usernames: Students first initial, then middle initial, then first five letters of last name followed by three zeros (usually, may be 001, etc. Please check your schedule where it is printed in the upper lefthand corner).

    EXAMPLE: John Mark Anderson = jmander000@birdvilleschools.net

    Passwords carry over from year to year. Brand new students (new to the district) will receive their logins via email from the district.

    ANY STUDENT that has FORGOTTEN their password must have it reset by their teacher.



    All students are encouraged to use the Birdville ISD Portal for all online resources. Click here!



    Click here for playing closed captions in a video downloaded from United Streaming.

    Click here for a quick reference for NOODLETOOLS/Student

    Click here for a quick reference for NOODLETOOLS/Teacher

    Click here for a document on Listing References (bibliography, foot notes, etc.)

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