The legacy of Birdville High

    Will lift me up and help me fly

    Swept to new heights with strength of youth,

    I’ll travel forth, proclaim the truth.

    While holding close the memories bright,

    The glory of the hawk in flight,

    I will strive and reach for more,

    I will soar… I will soar… I will soar!




    We’re the best – The Hawks of Birdville High

    And our glow of pride lights up the sky!

    We will fight so hard if fight we must.

    For the victory waits for us!

    When the Birdville Hawks sweep through the air,

    We will seize our foes with talons bared,

    And keep the final goal within our sight

    For the green, the gold and the white!



    The mission of Birdville ISD is to ensure that all students position themselves to excel with integrity in an ever-changing global society through innovative and responsive learning environments.



    We believe that ... 

      1. Human beings are complex with unique intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs.
      2. Every person is unique by design, with abilities, gifts and talents.
      3. Every person has inherent value and unique potential.
      4. All people are innately curious.
      5. Relationships are an inherent human need.
      6. Personal responsibility is essential and noble for all.
      7. Family profoundly impacts who we become.
      8. Character is developed through life experiences.
      9. With a privilege comes responsibility and accountability.
      10. A physically and emotionally safe environment encourages learning.
      11. Learning is not limited by time or space.
      12. Freedom is a universal desire to be promoted and preserved.
      13. Values drive choices.
      14. Change is constant.