*District policy dictates safe medication administration to students at school. All medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, must be:


    • Placed in a locked cabinet in the nurse's office (with the exception of inhalers and anaphylaxis medications).

    • Provided by the parent/guardian in the original, properly labeled container.

    • Accompanied by a specific written permit signed by the parent/guardian. Medication Permit

    • Ordered (signed) by a physician if it is to be given for more than 10 days or 10 doses.

    • Transported to and from school by an adult if the medication is a controlled substance (eg, ADHD medications).

    Please call or email the nurse's office if we can assist you with your student's medication needs at school. 

    * BISD Student Handbook, pages 44-45.


    Medication kept in clinic:

    Partial bottles of prescription and non-prescription medication, Epi Pens, Insulin, liquid preparations including Albuterol nebulizer solution, and all other medications will NOT be sent home with students at the end of the year. Please plan to pick up these medications before the end of the year. Unclaimed medication will be destroyed on May 28 @ 3pm.

    If your student has an inhaler, it will be sent home with him/her at dismissal on the last day of school.