• Lunch Room Procedures

    Please see the guidelines below regarding the lunchroom.

    1. Students are expected to be respectful to the cafeteria staff.

    2. The lunch entrée costs $2.90. A second entrée costs $2.00.

    3. A student's account can be blocked from getting second entrée, second lunch or snacks. A phone call to the cafeteria manager or a signed note with a contact number can accomplish this. Cafeteria phone number is 817-547-5230.

    4. The account should be pre-paid by cash, check, or electronic Meal Pay. Please include on all checks a phone number, child's account number and name.

    5. Parents are invited to pay for student's meals and snacks online. Meal Pay is on the Birdville ISD website under Child Nutrition. It may take up to 24 hours for the money to appear in the child's account. We need to have a confirmation number if you have put the money in the same day the child needs it.

    6. If a child has been on Free/Reduced meals and their eligibility has changed for whatever reason, the child will need to bring $1.25 for breakfast meal and $2.90 for lunch meal.

    7. If a family has 1 returned check, a “check block” will be put on the account until the NSF check is taken care of at CheckSmart, 1-888-851-6634. If a family has had 2 returned checks in one school year, the child will no longer be allowed to bring checks. ONLY cash or on-line payments through Meal Pay will be accepted.

    8. Students may only charge reimbursable meals up to a negative balance of $11.  No a la carte items may be charged.  If money is owed to the account beyond the $11 limit and a student needs a meal, they will be offered a cheese sandwich, fruit and milk for no cost.