• Arrival/Dismissal Procedures 


    Student Arrival and Dismissal – In-person Learners

    Arrival - Separate entrances will be utilized for car riders, bus riders, and walkers, and grades. All staff will be utilized for duty to maintain a line of sight in hallways and distancing of hallway cohorts, as well as maintain the safety of the campus. Students will go straight to the designated areas set by each campus.

    8:10 AM - Breakfast Only – Cafeteria

    8:30 AM - Walkers, car and bus riders

    Parents are required to bring students to campus no earlier than 8:10 AM for breakfast. Between 8:15 AM – 8:30, general arrival at posted doors. The tardy will ring at 8:40 AM. Upon arrival at school, students must immediately report to their first class of the day.

    Dismissal – The campus will designate staggered dismissal groups. Staggering the groups of walkers, car riders, bus riders and grade levels will help manage student movement in the building and decrease the risk of potential crowding outside at dismissal time.

    4:00 PM – Dismissal