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    5th 6 Weeks
    Look What We are Learning!
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    Language Arts
    Students are expected to read with comprehension  and fluency at > text level C
    Students are expected to recognize words with VC, CVC,CCVC, and CVCC pattern.
    Students are expected to read  and recite simple poems and respond by identifying rhyming words.
    Students are expected to read at least 25 high frequency words designated for kindergarteners.
    Students are expected to identify and study in depth at least 10-12 vocabulary words selected from authentic text or environmental print.
    Students are expected to self select ideas for writing based on personal knowledge and experiences
    Students are expected to draw a picture and write a caption about a class or personal experience.
    Students are expected to re-read to check for missing or extra word (Does it sound right?).
    Student are expected to routinely proofread for one to one match between intended words and written words.
    Student are expected to write using appropriate spacing within and between words.
    Students are expected to understand and use descriptive words in the context of reading, writing, and speaking (with adult assistance)
    Students are expected to write one's own name 
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    Sum up to 10 and doubles
    Addition word problems to 10
    Difference within 10
    Count to 100
    Subtraction word problems
    Identify pennys, nickels, dimes, and quarters.
    Count to 50 and 100 by ones, Tens and any other number with problem solving. 


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     Differentiate living and nonliving things (basic needs, offspring)
    Examine evidence of organisms' basic needs (needs of plants and needs of animals)
    Sort plants and animals (color, size, body covering, leaf shape) 
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    Social Studies
    State Community
    Spring Celebrations
    On the Farm 

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