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    Look What We Are Learning!
    Language Arts
    Main Reading and Writing Learning Standards for the Third Six Weeks:
    Students are expected to listen to and recite short poems and respond by identifying similarities in word sounds.
    Students are expected to identify all upper-case and all lower-case letters. 
    Student are expected  to produce sounds for all  upper case and all lower case letters. 
    Student are expected to read at least 15 high frequency words designated for kindergarten. 
    Students are expected to blend onset and rimes to form simple words (e.g., onset /c/ and rime /at/make cat)
    Students are expected to blend spoken phonemes to form  one syllable word (e.g., /m/.../a/.../t/ says mat)
    Students are expected to use letter formation(starting points, direction of movement, position of lines, size, slant) for all upper case and  lower case letters. 
    Students are expected to self select ideas for writing based on personal knowledge and experiences
    Students are expected to contribute ideas and letter sound knowledge to dictated sentences about  a class experience
    Students are expected to add details to pictures 
    Students are expected to routinely proofread for spacing before and after familiar words (e.g. I, own name, high frequency words). 
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    Objectives and/or tasks our Kindergarteners should be able to do by the end of this six weeks: 
    Count by ones to 60
    Identify 2D:Triangles, Rectangles, Circles and squares and create shapes.
    Identify 3D: Cylinders, Cones, Spheres, and cubes. 
    Compare length , height and weight.
    Compose and decompose numbers though 5.
    Compose numbers up to 8
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    Main Science Learning Standards for the Third Six Weeks:
    Observe, describe, compare and sort rocks (relative size, mass, shape, color, texture)
    Observe and describe natural water sources (color, clarity)
    Give examples of uses of rocks, soil and water. 
    Scientific Process to ask questions, predict, observe and talk about their results.
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    Social Studies
    Main Social Studies Learning Standards for the Third Six Weeks:
    Compare family customs and traditions
    Identify similarities and differences among people such as kinship, laws, and religion, music, clothing and food.
    Identify how the human characteristics of place such as ways of earning a living, shelter, clothing, food, and   activities  are based upon geographic location
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