Library Canvas and Library Seesaw



    Hello Parents and Students.

    The library posts its activities through two apps: Canvas and Seesaw. Both are found throught the birdville portal at: 




    I post each week's activities on Canvas Canvas image  However, the first time you go to the library you will have to join my canvas class by simply clicking this link. It is a one time action:




    Canvas will give you a summary of the library activities for each week. The actual activities will be in Seesaw image  Seesaw and Canvas will direct you there. Again, the first time you go to Seesaw you will have to join it. The passcodes to join change each week and those will be posted in the canvas description. You only have to join once.


  • Library Contact Information

    Mr. Canning will be frequently checking his email. Please allow up to the next business day for a response.

    Librarian email is george.canning@birdvilleschools.net

    Library EA email is diane.gonzalez@birdvilleschools.net

    Mr. Canning is normally at David E. Smith on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. 

    Mrs. Gonzalez is normally at David E. Smith on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


    Library phone number is 817-547-1615


  • Mission:

    "The mission of the Birdville ISD Library Program is to collaborate with teachers and others to provide age appropriate resources and meaningful learning experiences at point of need; to advance reading improvement by fostering an interest in literature and reading; and to empower all students to become skillful consumers and producers of information and ideas." 

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Last Modified on April 26, 2021