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  • Birdville Libraries and Librarians

    In Birdville ISD, educators recognize school libraries and librarians’ critical roles in promoting a positive school culture, providing information and digital literacy, and advancing academic achievement, especially literacy acquisition for all students. Librarians and our library programs are critical to student success in all aspects of literacy skills needed for the current and future world -- reading, writing, thinking critically, communicating, gathering and evaluating information, solving problems, and creating.  

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    (Birdville ISD K-12 Librarians, 2022)


    Birdville ISD Library Services Vision

    School libraries are essential, interactive, collaborative learning environments, ever-evolving to provide equitable physical and virtual access to ideas, information, and learning tools for the entire school community.

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    Birdville ISD Library Services Mission

    Provide a physical and virtual resource center that promotes independent lifelong learning through a variety of well-chosen materials, collaborative instruction, and ethical stewardship.

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    Birdville ISD Library Services Core Beliefs

    • Reading is the core of personal and academic competency.
    • Librarians are instructional leaders and positively impact student learning and literacy growth through collaboration, co-design, and sharing relevant information resources and digital learning opportunities in a culture of reading.
    • Librarians and teachers co-design and collaborate to deliver targeted student instruction that supports the state standards (TEKS) through authentic, meaningful learning tasks.
    • The school library program focuses on an inquiry approach to learning that students use to pursue, create, and share knowledge.
    • Librarians provide information literacy instruction to locate, evaluate, use ethically, and communicate information in various formats.
    • Librarians teach digital literacy, including privacy, safety, etiquette, creative credit, cyberbullying, and the elements of a positive digital footprint.
    • Libraries are essential, safe, and inviting centers for teaching and learning with access to high-quality reading materials.
    • Libraries provide resources that support a vibrant, multicultural society. 
    • Libraries provide resources that are relevant to students’ different backgrounds, beliefs, and life circumstances to address human diversity in race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, and other special circumstances. 
    • Library resources should both reflect students' lives and give them insight into the lives and experiences of people who aren’t like them.
    • Libraries provide open access to information for inquiry, including the pursuit, creation, and sharing of knowledge.
    • Libraries provide access to technology devices and online resources supporting personalized learning.
    • Libraries are flexible learning spaces that promote multiple types of learning activities.
    • Effective school libraries include a full-time librarian, appropriate support staff, and flexible schedules.
    • Birdville ISD strives to follow the School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines For Texas (Texas, 2021)

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