• Campus Safety & Security At-A-Glance Shannon High School
    Welcome to Shannon High School. One of our primary goals is to provide a safe and secure campus for all students, staff, and visitors. We have a variety of safety procedures in place, and work constantly to monitor and update the security provided for this entire facility. The following are the highlights of the safety and security measures in place on our campus:
    ·All visitors are required to check in with office – once their driver license is scanned and approved, they are then issued an identification badge which stipulates their name, what location they may visit, and what their allowable time frame will be;
    ·A full time Haltom City Police Officer maintains an office on our campus;
    ·We have a full-time certified R.N. on duty during all school days;
    ·Security Cameras are in place internally and externally and keep a digital record of events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
    ·All DAEP students enter the building through a metal detector;
    ·Safety Drills are conducted on a regular basis*;
    ·We have a response team of staff with an emergency response kit who respond to all emergency situations;
    ·Students & Staff must wear IDs;
    ·Classroom doors are kept locked at all times;
    ·Four AEDs are available within the facility;
    ·Facility maps are maintained at the main doors for first responders to an emergency; and
    ·All staff are required to view various video training on safety issues and maintain a file of safety procedures which cover, in detail, how to respond to a variety of specific emergency situations.
    *You may also request to see our log of safety drills by calling SHS at 817-547-5500.
    We will be glad to share these documents with you upon request.